Our Story


MHP/Regents started as a home- visiting Physician and Nurse Practitioner Group, serving primarily the elderly and homebound. Our licensed providers conducted their visits at patients’ homes, thus saving patients the trouble of going to the clinic. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the USA, in-person visits became a health risk for both our providers and patients. We decided to conduct telephone and video calls instead. Thus, our Telehealth Services was born.

While telehealth was highly effective, we quickly discovered the limitations of current telehealth technologies. Many of our elderly patients had challenges with smartphone technology, or did not have access to the smartphones. Also, current telehealth provided only a 1 or 2-dimensional interaction between patient and provider. Our Providers lacked basic diagnostic readings to allow them to deliver comprehensive care.

Faced with these challenges, we developed the Assisted Telehealth Platform – ATP™ to solve these issues. After its successful pilot, we expanded our locations and enhanced the platform’s capabilities.

MHP/Regents Healthcare now serves patients in health facilities and at home in 24 states.